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'''Fat cat''' may refer to: *Fat cat (term), a wealthy person, originally one who contributes to a political campaign '''Fat cat''' may also refer to: *Obesity in pets *Fat Cat (novel)|''Fat Cat'' (novel), a young adult novel by Robin Brande *Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers#Antagonists|Fat Cat (''Rescue Rangers''), a fictional character in the animated series ''Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers'' *Fat Cat (singer), a South Korean singer, also known as Defconn Girl *Fat Cat and Friends, an Australian television character *FatCat Records, a record label *Fat Cat, a comic in ''The Dandy'' magazine *Fat Cat, the first of the many types of Fat Sandwiches offered at the Grease Trucks in New Brunswick, NJ *Fat Cat, a jazz and gaming club in Greenwich Village *Fat Cat Brewery, a brewery in Norwich, England *Fat Cat, Norwich, a pub in Norwich, England
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